Making Your In-Person Interactions at Trade Shows Count for the Win!

There is a lot of planning and prep work that goes into every trade show your company attends. Some might compare the bigger ones to planning for a wedding – without the family drama, unless you are related to your coworkers. But, just like a wedding, the days of the actual trade show count, so it is important that you are making the most of your in-person interaction!

Here are some ways to maximize your one-on-one interactions at trade shows. 

  • Engage with Your Audience Beforehand

Engage with your potential audience members before your event. Forbes recently shared that “over 80% of marketers surveyed responded that increased brand awareness and booth traffic were achieved from pre-show marketing.” 

Location-based ads are one way to engage with your audience before your event. Forbes explains, “By targeting the event location during a particular time, you can capture the active devices of attendees and target potential customers with ads.” 

For those unable to make the event, geotargeting can also help. Forbes provides the example, “…let’s say your trade show is in Chicago and you have prospects that aren’t attending the event. Use the opportunity of having your executives in town to set up meetings with partners and customers that might not attend the event. You can even invite them to your cocktail reception.” 

  • Integrate Exhibit Design and Company Culture 

You want an exhibit that your audience members notice and remember once the event ends. Also, when your audience thinks about your presentation, you want them to remember your company culture. That is why it is essential to integrate your company culture into your exhibit’s design.

Exhibit design is as unique as your company. From the color palette to the type of fabric on your chairs, everything is customizable. For example, if you are selling guitars, convey music and a relaxed studio vibe, like this, On the other hand, if you are a high end medical device brand, you want to come across as sterile yet approachable, with a clean design and aesthetic. Here is another great example for you,

Now, it is up to your staff to carry the same messaging. From the way they dress to how they speak and engage, all of this conveys your brand, which highlights our next point:

  • Relay a Strong and Relatable Brand Narrative 

Your exhibit’s physical presentation is the icebreaker, but the personal experience your visitors have with your brand’s narrative is what will create a lasting impression. 

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