Top 5 Benefits of A Custom Trade Show Exhibit

When you were first starting out, you most likely cobbled together your trade show pieces from friends or business associates or ordered basic pieces from a catalog. Now that you are established as a vendor or product representative, you’ve moved up quite a lot on the food chain, and your exhibit should have evolved as well. It may be time to think about having a custom trade show exhibit built. Here are five reasons having a custom exhibit built can have an amazing impact on your bottom line,

1. That Initial First Impression

Take a moment to think about when you saw something that really impacted your thinking, or when you first saw the love of your life. You most likely remember every detail, line, curve or expression. An impactful first impression that you make on a potential client should be just that powerful. You want them to be impressed and amazed. In fact, researchers find that it is difficult to recover from a bad first impression, in dating or in business. You want your potential clients to remember the first time they saw your display, because if it is fused into their brain, they are far more likely to buy your product. This is especially important at a trade show or exhibition, where a great first impression can go a long way to generating leads and sales, while a bad first impression is nearly impossible to recover from.

If you aren’t sure how your display looks to an outsider, it is always helpful to get an objective opinion from someone you trust who hasn’t seen it before. Walk them through your display, or film your display to show to someone later. What were their first impressions?

A custom trade show exhibit made for your product is sure to get you more attention, leads and sales than a thrown-together display. The polish and wow factor of a custom design is undeniable.

2. Customer Engagement

At a trade show, you can’t predict where you will get your display area. The floor space may be crowded, and you may have to work hard to stand out. No matter where your exhibit is located, having a custom designed exhibit gives you an edge no matter where you’re situated on the display floor.

A custom designed trade show exhibit pumps up excitement for your brand, and the likelihood that your potential customers visit your booth, engage in conversation with you about your product, give you there contact information, and leave with product details increases exponentially the more time they spend at your booth. The longer a potential client stays, the more likely you have a sale. Custom-designed trade show booths take into account the size of your trade show area and maximize your displays to make sure you and your product are unforgettable.

Top 5 Benefits of A Custom Trade Show Exhibit

3. Stand Alone in the Crowd

Researchers know that 85% of people who attend trade shows have buying power for their companies. Your competitors know that too, and they are trying to make sure they have the most talked-about display at the trade show.

One way to make sure you stand out from the crowd is to have a custom designed trade show exhibit. When you know you have an amazing display that will attract customers, you merely have to talk about your product, and let the design bring clients to you. Your competitors will be green with envy when they get a look at your new custom-designed exhibit.

4. Return on Investment

In this volatile economy, you need your sales pitch to be perfect. Potential customers aren’t just going to hand you their business–you have to earn it. By investing in a custom-designed trade show exhibit, you are showing that your product is important enough to spend money on. While custom-designed trade show exhibits are reasonably priced, the return on your investment in a custom design is priceless in terms of sales percentage. A custom-designed exhibit lets your clients know you are so serious about your product line you’ve invested in taking the message out to clients who need the product.

5. You Need Definition

Whether you have a new product to sell, or you are selling an established, respected product line, you’ll want to create separation and definition for your product for a potential customer. A custom-designed exhibit is a planned enterprise between you and an exhibit designer. You can talk to the designer about specific ideas you want to highlight to create a concept for your product and brand. The designer can then carry the concept all throughout your display. You end up with an exquisite design that carries your definition and message out to your clients. Your concept can be repeated through the use of color, space, graphics, and technology to give you an exhibit to be proud of.

Tired of the same old boring exhibit? It’s time for an upgrade. When you’re ready to redefine your trade show exhibit, we’re ready to deliver an immersive, unique, and breathtaking custom designed trade show exhibit for you. Reach out to Echelon Design today.

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