Top 5 Ways To Increase Sustainability At Trade Shows

In today’s world, sustainability plays a significant role when deciding the products we will consume or the investments we will make. Sustainable “alternatives” have actually become the norm in many different aspects of life, including trade shows. 

There are numerous ways to be more environmentally conscious when you’re traveling, setting up, and standing out at trade shows. Here, we provide 5 ways to boost sustainability at trade shows instantly. 

1. Eco-Friendly Set Up 

You can find many of the materials you use in your exhibit’s structure and key presentation pieces in sustainable options. For the structure of your display, an example of a popularly used sustainable option is fabric-skinned aluminum frames. This option, along with many other sustainable options, is efficient as well as cost effective. 

There also exists the option to rent a predesigned trade show exhibit, another sustainable alternative. While some companies may fear showing up with the same structure as another company, there are ways to add personalization to your design and distinguish yourself from others. 

When you are under the spotlight, make sure it is an LED. You can replace your technology with more environmentally conscious options like LED lighting and other types of green technology. 

2. Refresh and Adapt your Exhibits 

Have an existing set of properties? Augmenting, refreshing and reusing materials between venues is an easy way to practice sustainability. Just a few key adjustments to components of your exhibit can give a completely new feel. For example, a swappable fabric mural between venues can adapt your core message and theme to a specific show or product announcement. Keeping your main structure and simply refreshing and adapting to the next show saves time, money, and the environment. 

3. Ship Sustainably 

Beyond running your trucking exclusively on Bio-Diesel, there are simpler, tried-and-true ways that you might already be leveraging to reduce your footprint. Packing in sustainable fashion has many benefits. 

Investing in custom padded crates will help to protect your assets for the long haul. Aside from ensuring the lifespan of your materials, these kinds of crates help to save on installation time and minimize packing materials. Crating significantly reduces the amount of tape, banding, stretch wrap and packing material used to protect your materials on a wooden palette alone.

Several factors can affect the lifespan of your crates, like normal wear and tear and climate exposure; however, the materials you keep inside are ensured to be stored safely. Also, consider using local vendors. 

4. Eco-Friendly Give-aways 

Attendees may not always realize your sustainable choices at first sight; however, they will value the sustainable alternatives you choose to give. There are many options for sustainable gifts. Gifts can be sustainable in their function or the activity that they encourage. For example, gifting reusable water bottles encourages using a sustainable material as well as reducing the use of plastic bottles. 

Additionally, minimize printed materials which attendees will eventually throw out later. Instead, one printed QR code displayed for attendees’ smartphones to scan allows the instant direction to your website or any other informational page. 

5. Choose Sustainable Venues 

The LEED rating system lists buildings that have been certified to “save money, improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions and create healthier places for people.” The rating system considers many environmentally conscious aspects and determines the status of different buildings and venues. 

The LEED rating system is in place to combat many aspects, including climate change, human health, water resources, biodiversity, green economy, the community, and natural resources. Choosing to work with venues that pride themselves on staying environmentally conscious will encourage and appreciate your efforts.

Though you might not have control over choice of exhibit hall, you are able to manage hotel stays for your staff along with the satellite meetings, meals  and hosting that might coincide with your show. Factor in the logistics of transporting your people and encourage them to pool together when feasible, saving your budget as well as the planet.

6. Consider Renting

Renting can reduce your environmental impact significantly. When you rent a trade show exhibit, you eliminate the need to purchase trade show materials such as flooring, furniture, signage, and other displays that are eventually thrown away. you can alos choose to use eco friendly swag for giveaways on your table.

The best aspect of sustainable options is their ability to be reused. Most times, sustainable purchases cost more upfront but give you a return on investment with their lifespan. Overall, opting for a more sustainable presentation as an entity and an exhibit demonstrates responsibility and care for our environment. There are numerous ways to embrace environmental consciousness. While the upfront may be costly, the return, in the long run, will be rewarding to yourself and the planet. Some terrific resources for sustainable trade show options include: the Sustainable Event Alliance and Sustainable Brands

Echelon is here to help you make sustainable choices when it comes to setting up your trade show design and marketing. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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