Season: One

Episode: Two

Date: JANUARY 2016

In this episode of 12 for 12, Adam spends some quality time at Artpentry with Floyd A. Davis iv to find out what makes his company so successful. The planet has gotten a whole lot smaller and, in many ways, now fits in the palm of our hands. The growth and adoption of new and emerging technology has given rise to a world that can simultaneously and seamlessly be both real and virtual, physical and digital, local and global. We’ve come a long way from our past—from post to telephone, email to mobile, to the “dot-next” of anything. In today’s world we can communicate and share our experiences instantaneously across more channels than ever before.

The Artpentry brand was first established in 2008 as the private studio and gallery of Chicago based artist, Floyd A. Davis IV. Leveraging multiple mediums—such as: set/prop design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital design, music production, and traditional fine art techniques—the Pilsen-resident has turned Artpentry from a passion project into a lucrative business. With global brands like Nike, Miller Coors and Red Bull, Davis is turning provocative sculptures into serious marketing return for his clients. And while the physical art stands alone, Artpentry owes much of its virtual marketing success to the digital art of hashtagging.

In the event that you’ve been living off the grid for the past few years without an iPhone and a Twitter account, hashtags are the short links preceded by the “#” symbol. The concept may seem confusing to some, but it’s actually quite simple. Hashtags turn any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link—allowing users to reference things or ideas online, track discussion topics based on keywords, and mount entire social media movements with just a few words.

In Floyd’s case, he can create and install a sculpture for a client while giving viewers instant brand and campaign messaging—enabling them to post or share their experience of it. Hashtags have become integral to how we communicate, create hype and market products and services online. What’s more, they are the digital side to Artpentry’s physical success. Watch this month’s installment of 12 for 12, and learn what makes Artpentry so great, up close or millions of miles away.