Season: Three

Episode: Two

Date: January 2019

If necessity is truly the mother of invention, then Onewheel genius inventor and Future Motion founder and CEO, Kyle Doerksen, really needed to turn every piece of pavement into fresh, float-worthy powder. And somewhere between truly thrilling recreation and sustainable transportation, Onewheel was born via Kickstarter on January 6, 2014. [The Kickstarter campaign surpassed its goal of $100,000 and reached over $630,000 by January 27th, 2014!]

Often described as an electric skateboard (which it’s not), this self-balancing board is one part brain, one part battery, one part motor and all-Onewheel-wonder. With two models to choose from, their newest model touts a 12-18 mile range on a single charge, with speeds of up to 20 mph—making the Onewheel XR a legitimate commute and adventure vehicle.

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA—the historic epicenter of America’s board-sports culture—and manufactured of in San Jose, CA, Onewheel has been featured in publications such as CNET, Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Adam Savaged popular web-series, Tested, to name but a few. But never before has Onewheel been properly probed by 12 for 12’s own NorCal marketing geek (Adam Voss)—this time with fellow NorCal no-host / co-host (Joe Wagner) tearing up the trails in true thrasher fashion!

Put your helmets on, because this is an episode of 12 for 12 you don’t want to miss. Enjoy the ride and have a Gnarly New Year!