Nancy Hollenbeck

  • Title
    Senior Exhibit Goddess (or Senior Account Manager – your choice)
  • Role/What you do
    I’m a partner and guide to all the clients I serve. I serve as their voice inside the company when relaying their ideas, desires and goals to the production team. I also like to be viewed as an expert resource when it comes to the account management department!
  • Time at Echelon
    4 years

Favorite Quote
“The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Passion/What drives you
To simply do things RIGHT – efficiently, cost-effectively, and mindfully!

What you like about Echelon
The incredible sense of family; we’re in this together! Every member of our team uses the gravel in their belly to get the job done and deliver a top quality project each and every time.

What you do when not working
I’m a professional napper and I have an ongoing love affair with my professional grade Kitchen-Aid! Cookies, cakes, scones, breads…

Favorite band, book or movie
Captain Fantastic with Vigo Mortensen!

Something no one knows about you?
I’m a natural born thespian. I was in every single school and church play growing up. When my kids have fledged the nest I’d like to get into a community players company.