Pam Harman

  • Title
    Vice President
  • Role/What you do
    Client care and company development.
  • Time at Echelon
    18 years

Favorite Quote
"Do or do not .... there is no try." – Yoda

Passion/What drives you
I love to know what drives others. I love to learn about people.

What you like about Echelon
The diversity of people we work with, both internally and externally. We all love what we do and have fun!

What you do when not working
Spend time with my husband, family and a few close friends; work in my bird and flower garden, travel, read, and I’m getting ready to get back in the gym!

Favorite band, book or movie
I love Andre Bocelli. I listen to him on just about every flight I take!

Something no one know about you?
I once fed an eel Cheez Whiz while diving at Bloody Bay Wall.