Exhibits | iɡˈzibətz | noun (sing. exhibit)

built environments that compel your audience to stop, take notice, shuffle your way, and bask in your brand

Custom Exhibits and Booths Make A Big Impression.

Great trade show spaces live in your customers’ minds for years. The best ones are unforgettable. When we make exhibits, we develop the perfect space for your brand, buyer, and culture. Your audience won’t just notice you. They’ll remember you, too.


"Our sincere thanks to you and all the Echelon team for planning, producing and installing the Orange stand at the recent NAMM show. We got lots of positive feedback and this reflects well on the professionalism of your team. Thanks also for the 50th birthday cakes—a delightful surprise!"

Tim Ireland
Orange Music Electronic Co. Ltd

Custom Exhibits & Booths

You don’t have an off-the-shelf brand. Luckily, we don’t build off-the-shelf exhibits. When we make your exhibit, it’s your exhibit.

In fact, it’s more than that. It’s an experience that beckons to passer-by and to prospective customers.

Rental Exhibits

The look you want? Check. Cost of ownership? Less. Money saved on your exhibit is money you can reinvest in other things.

Think onsite catering (mmm... burritos), dinner with prospects (mmm… sushi), or knick knacks. Mmm… keychains.

Corporate Interiors

Marketing doesn’t end on the show floor. By adding spice to the walls you see every day, you can maximize wowza. Employees love it.

Customers love it more. Management loves it most. And your boss? (S)he loves it mostest.

International Programs

Our worldwide partnerships make you memorable everywhere. Regional expertise can mean the difference between connecting with customers and twiddling your thumbs all week.

We help you achieve the former. Oh, and our team looks great in lederhosen.

Want a boring, generic exhibit? Don’t click this button.