Plainspeak makes me drink

Ho, ho, hack, cough!
While this may not be customary everywhere, in my experience there is quite the weight placed upon ‘the holiday meal’. I’m still recovering from a round American Thanksgiving, and now I need to stuff another bout of family-oriented sustenance rituals into my calendar and eventually into my tummy – it’s a lot to stomach!

In preparation for my willfully obligated participation, I am attempting to recall all the potential digestifs I could imbibe to combat gross indulgence in far too much food. Port, brandy, cognac… apparently they aid in the breakdown process after eating. Which means one could potentially eat more. There are worse problems to have.

In any case, this week’s episode of PlainSpeak enjoys the good tradition of cocktails. Particularly the drinks that have that extra sumthin-sumthin; drinks with chutzpah! Happy holidays to one and all, and I wish for the finest of beverages at your collective tables.

Makes a mean drink

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