How To Care for Your Tradeshow Display

When you step into the vibrant world of tradeshows, your exhibit is a storytelling platform where your brand comes alive. Echelon Design understands that your custom exhibit is an integral part of this narrative. As such, it’s vital to give your display the same level of care and attention post-show as you do during the design and build process. That is why we want to walk you through best practices to ensure your tradeshow display remains as impactful and engaging as the day it debuted.

1. Post-Show Inspection and Cleaning

After the hustle of the event, take a moment to thoroughly inspect your display. Any damages or dirt that might have accumulated during the show should be addressed before you put it back into storage. Clean off any smudges or spills from graphics and surfaces. A well-maintained exhibit not only presents your brand in the best light but also extends the longevity of the materials used. Here are some steps to take before packing it up for the next time:

  • Check for structural damage and wear on graphics.
  • Clean all surfaces with appropriate cleaners to avoid damage.
  • Attend to any minor repairs immediately to prevent further issues.

Caring for your exhibit after the show is a critical step that Echelon Design advocates for all their creations, ensuring that your display remains a proud representation of your brand.

2. Dismantling With Care

Carefully dismantling your display is just as important as the assembly you do to get it ready to be seen by the crowds. Organize and label all of the parts and pieces during the breakdown process. That not only aids the reassembly process at the next show smoother, but it also helps prevent potential loss or damage. Take these steps when disassembling your unit:

  • Follow a structured dismantling checklist.
  • Label all parts for efficient re-packing and inventory management.
  • Use protective materials during dismantling to prevent scratches and dents.

At Echelon Design, we ensure that the custom exhibits we build are user-friendly, making the dismantling process as streamlined as possible so that you can follow the easy steps to keep it in perfect shape for next time.

How To Care for Your Tradeshow Display

3. Strategic Storage Solutions

The right storage solutions are an important part of preserving your exhibit’s integrity. Invest in a quality storage area that shields it against dust, moisture, and transit damage. There are a ton of options that can work for different types and sizes of displays. From custom cases to protective coverings, the right storage materials can make a significant difference. When you are considering the right storage for your display, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Utilize padded cases for delicate electronics and lighting.
  • Ensure that fabric components are stored in breathable containers to prevent mold.
  • Store graphics in tubes or flat files to avoid creases and tears.

Echelon Design’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the exhibit floor, providing guidance on the best storage practices for the custom displays we build.

4. Deep Cleaning and Refurbishment

Sometimes, a simple surface clean after the show just isn’t going to be enough. Periodic deep cleanings can help maintain the visual appeal and functionality of all of your display elements. If there are any fabric components on your display, understand the specific cleaning instructions for them. Some may be machine washable, while others require professional care. Echelon Design’s expertise in creating the best exhibits comes with tailored maintenance advice to keep your display in pristine condition.

5. Regular Updates and Evolution

The world of tradeshows is dynamic, and what captivated audiences last season might need a refresh to maintain interest. Regularly updating your exhibit ensures it keeps pace with current trends and your evolving brand message. Consider incorporating new technologies, interactive elements, or design trends to keep your display current and engaging.

  • Review your exhibit’s design and features against current trends annually.
  • Integrate new multimedia or interactive elements to enhance user engagement.
  • Work with designers to update graphics and messaging to reflect your brand’s current marketing strategy.

Investing in Your Exhibit’s Future

Your custom tradeshow exhibit from Echelon Design is a reflection of your brand’s quality and professionalism. By implementing these care strategies, you’re not only preserving the physical display but also the image and reputation that comes with it. Consider this not as a post-show routine but as an investment in your exhibit’s future, ensuring that your brand story continues to resonate with every show. For more information on creating a durable and lasting tradeshow exhibit that captivates and endures, connect with Echelon Design—where every design is built with post-show care in mind.

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